Residents Fight Proposed Apartment Complex


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Residents Fight Proposed Apartment Complex

By Joshua Egbert. CREATED Oct 21, 2013

Omaha, NE- A new apartment complex is causing a lot of controversy in West O. Developers will soon find out if they can build the apartment near 182nd and Leavenworth, but a lot of homeowners object.

Neighbors in The Grove subdivision say they aren't against growth in an empty field to the west of the area. What they are worried about is traffic.

Anne Loeffler has always known something would be developed in the open field just west of her home.

"Everybody within 300 feet of the proposed development got a post card stating that they would give us a little overview meeting." says Loeffler of her August 20th post card.

What she didn't expect was an apartment complex.

"The first time they told us they were going to put apartments, they're 8-plexes, about 272 units like 25 feet from our house." explains Loeffler.

Neighbors say the complex isn't an appropriate use of the property, but it's the way residents would get to and from the apartments that's most troubling.

"There's got to be a better solution to the access on the development when you're adding multi-family to not have access to 192nd or not be able to access 192nd, and use your main thoroughfare into an existing, thriving subdivision seems a little ludicrous." says Greg Stanek, who's live in the area for 11 years.

The main entrances into the complex would be on 190th and Leavenworth and Jones Streets.

Larry Jobeun, the attorney for the developer, DP Metro Capital, says the development would be low-density, possible even less than a single-family house development.

Neighbors say they aren't against development in the field, but different entrance points could make it more tolerable.

"If the right access and it was handled properly, absolutely, that's development." says Stanek.

The apartments have already received approval from the planning board. It will now go before city council for approval.

It's important to note that the City Planning staff says the proposal is consistent with the city's master plan.