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Rebuilding a town after a Devastating Fire


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Rebuilding a town after a Devastating Fire

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Feb 12, 2014

Plattsmouth, NE-Rebuilding a town square after a devastating fire is a grim task. Getting it done when the square on the national historic registry throws a wrench into everyone's plans. Fire gutted the building in downtown Plattsmouth in early January.

Last week, the city was still waiting to hear from insurance companies on what would be done to the building. The building could crumble at any time, so no cause has been determined.

"The state fire marshal doesn't think it's safe to send anybody in there," mayor Mike Bowman told KMTV.

The building has to be made structurally sound for the investigator to enter the building. From there, if the owners and insurance companies want to rebuild, it's not a simple process.

"It's on the national historic register, it's on the state historic register. So there are historic guidelines both in salvaging, demolition, and so on," Bowman said.

Stake holders will meet Thursday morning to discuss what to do next to the building downtown.