Protesters Demand to Meet with Governor Heineman


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Protesters Demand to Meet with Governor Heineman

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Aug 3, 2014

LINCOLN, Neb. - (KMTV)  Lincoln Police called in extra officers and the Nebraska State Patrol as a precaution.

Two people were arrested for charging the gates of the governor's mansion forcing security to shut down the Nebraska Capitol at one point.

More than 300 people demanded answers from Lincoln's mayor and Governor Dave Heineman.

The protesters were pleading for help for Yazidis, a religious minority group, in northern Iraq and Syria. They hope their message makes its way to President Obama.

Some protestors found out their families in Northern Iraq had just been attacked by an extremist group. Signs in hand, hundreds marched through downtown Lincoln pleading for help. Police received complaints early on of the protestors blocking traffic.

State troopers and Lincoln Police had at least 20 vehicles at the scene. Two people were arrested for allegedly attacking officers. The group made its way to the governor's mansion demanding to speak to Lincoln's mayor then the governor. They say they are desperate to get their message across.

The governor's office would not confirm if  Heineman was home at the time. A governor's spokesperson did meet with the protestors. Because this is a federal issue, protestors were advised to meet with Sen. Jeff Fortenberry. They plan to attend a Fortenberry town hall meeting Monday.