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Prominent Hells Angels Member Bound Over to District Court

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Prominent Hells Angels Member Bound Over to District Court

By Emily Szink. CREATED Sep 17, 2013

Jay Witt the Hells Angel Club Member accused of killing 48-year-old William Furlong back in July was bound over to district court today.

Up until now the connection between Jay Witt and William Furlong was unknown.  In court Tuesday it was revealed that Furlong was a prospect with the Hells Angels, meaning he was in the process of becoming a club member.  Witt was an active member with the Hells Angels

On July 14Th video surveillance located outside the Hells Angels clubhouse show Jay Witt and his girlfriend Tammy Kozak entering the motorcycle club around 2:15 a.m.  A few hours later, the same surveillance video shows William Furlong entering the building.

Around 9:15 on the morning of July 14th Witt and his girlfriend were seen leaving the clubhouse, but Furlong never comes out.

According to a witness Tammy was seen carrying a plastic bag as she left the clubhouse.

Witt was not arrested until August 6th when he was picked up in a stolen vehicle and prosecutors later charged him with second degree murder.   

Witt’s girlfriend told investigators that on the morning of July 14th he came upstairs to where she was sleeping and told her that she was going to see a dead body downstairs.  That he had quote gotten into it with one of his bros and had to shot him because he thought he had a weapon end quote.

Witt’s defense team asked that the judge drop all charges against their client and argued that he shot Furlong in an act of self defense, but the court found enough evidence against Witt and bound him over to district court.