Prices Soar At The Checkout


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Prices Soar At The Checkout

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Apr 17, 2014

 Omaha, NE - Food prices are on the rise right in time for Easter Sunday.  Local consumers are looking for ways to save.  "Coupons are huge. Going online looking for coupons," said shopper Gail Cogil. 

Cogil says over the past year, her bill at the checkout has climbed by $30.  And she's not alone. 
The latest consumer price index shows over the past year, overall grocery costs have climbed 1.4 percent.  Meats, poultry, fish and eggs have increased by 5 percent.  Dairy is up 2.3 percent compared to a year ago.  Fruits and vegis jumped by .6 percent.
Food prices are rising across the board and droughts may be to blame for the soaring costs.
Last winter, KMTV talked with farmers who felt concern after a dry season.  "We worry about the trend of the lack of moisture falling into spring," said farmer Roger Clark in January.
The ag department expects food prices to be as much as 3.5 percent higher this year.  That would be the most since 2008.
California is the highest ag producer in the country.  Currently, the state is in an extreme drought.  Economist predict even higher grocery prices next year.