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Pottawattamie Co. Supervisor Questions Federal Funds

Pottawattamie Co. Supervisor Questions Federal Funds

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

Council Bluffs, IA -- Just three months into his first term as mayor, Matt Walsh is dealing with a PR dilemma and political disagreement. It comes after county supervisor Loren Knauss sent this e-mail to the state, questioning if federal grant money would need to be returned after a glitch in a computer system. "It was not fair to the community that an official running for office would intentionally smear the name of the community just to get press which is what I think happened," said Walsh.

But Knauss says that isn't the case. He's just asking questions after he found out that a computer glitch in 2012 sent incorrect crime data to the federal government, in some cases classifying crimes more serious than they were. That data is used to determine how much federal money the city and county receive. "This is public funds," said Knauss. "The county receives public funds for this and we have every right and we have an obligation. I'd be ethically wrong if I did not do this."

According to state records, in 2013, the city received $81,000 and gave Pottawattamie County $32,000 to help fight crime. The glitch has long been fixed but as the fallout continues, the mayor and Knauss do agree on one thing, they're doubtful any money will need to be returned. "We're going to work with the State of Iowa," said Walsh. "We're going to make sure the state is acceptable of the numbers we reported. Going forward to address our reporting accuracy to make sure that we're reporting the best data."