Political Ads Now On Sooner Than Ever


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Political Ads Now On Sooner Than Ever

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Feb 27, 2014

Omaha, NE- In just a few months, Nebraskans will head to the polls for the primary elections. But before you vote for your favorite candidate, get ready for the blizzard of political ads. Some big state races have jump started their campaigns.

During the presidential election in 2012, candidates and the deep pocketed supporters spend $2.5 Billion nationally. It’s not a presidential year, but some pretty big seats are open in Nebraska and that translates to a war of words on the airways.

When it comes to politics, the race is on. Those political ads have already begun popping up all over TV.

“The campaign season seems to be lengthening much to the dismay of the public.” Said UNO Political Science profession Paul Landow.

Those ads aren’t about to end anytime soon. The seat for Nebraska’s top job is open. So is a seat in Congress.

“You've got six for governor, four for the U.S Senate, you have that many candidates there's all vying for the public’s attention you're going to see more and more political commercials.” Said Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan.

“Open seats are rare occurrences these days, when there's an opening many people want to try for it.” Said Landow.

Dr. Landow says the crowded fields are usually in the republican primaries. There are typically more candidates from the GOP in the red state. There are more registered Republican voters in Nebraska than Democrats.

“There’s a lot of competition and candidates believe that they need to start earlier, campaign harder to get an edge on the other candidates.” Said Dr. Landow.

But does pumping millions of dollars into TV commercials really help a candidate?

“Without a political commercial, without the ability to do political commercials, a candidate may as well not even run.” Said Jordan.

In other words, get ready for a barrage of ads.

“Airwaves will be flooded between now and the primary on May 13th.” Said Jordan.

Because of the Citizens United decision in 2010, corporations and unions can spend an unlimited amount of money on ads and other political tools.

Jordan says you’ll get a little break this summer from the ads, but by September, they’re back.