Police Warn of Increase Break-ins and Robberies


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Police Warn of Increase Break-ins and Robberies

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Aug 19, 2013

Omaha, NE -- A warning sign to would be robbers hangs in one Omaha neighborhood recently hit with break-ins and robberies. One neighbor who didn't want to be identified said she was mowing her yard Sunday night and found something she didn't expect. "And I took the first swipe in the back yard and I noticed there was a cell phone in the grass that was right outside one of our bedroom windows." That cell phone isn't hers. "I know. I physically got sick."

She immediately called 911 and it's that suspicious activity residents are on the lookout for. Monday night a small group met off Western Avenue another area hit. They're being extra cautious. "Making sure that homes that have alarm systems are all turned on when were not home and the windows are closed and locked," said Phillip Huston who lives in the area. Omaha Police say neighborhoods hit hard, 52nd to 72nd Streets - Blondo to Dodge.

Police say most of the robberies involved sliding glass doors with no safety bar and open windows. Neighbors say some thefts have been out right brazen so they're being outright deliberate, questioning and calling police whenever they see something out of the ordinary. "If they come out and it's a worker that's perhaps looking for a particular address then no harm done," said Huston. "But if it's a bad guy then hopefully they'll get caught."