Peyton Manning likes to yell "Omaha" a lot; The city takes notice

Peyton Manning likes to yell "Omaha" a lot; The city takes notice

By Jackie Mora. CREATED Jan 13, 2014

Denver, Colorado- The city of Omaha gets a big shout out....actually a lot of shout outs.

If you were watching the Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers game on Sunday, you probably heard Broncos' quarterback Peyton Manning yelling "Omaha".

Manning is arguably the most audible quarterback pre-snap in the NFL. The CBS broadcast always pumps up the volume allowing viewers to clearly hear what Manning is calling out. 

Manning has used the word "Omaha" in the past, but now the city of Omaha is taking notice. 

The city's official tourism twitter feed sent out the following tweet during Denver's victory over the Chargers on Sunday: We certainly appreciate all the love from #PeytonManning :) #Omaha.

Houston sports radio host Lance Zierlien suggests that it's a way to catch the defense offsides, as the play count would go on two rather than one: 

He tweets: Manning's "Omaha" call appears to be an "O"ffsides message to his oline where he is changing count to 2 w/ hard count on 1.

Check it out for yourself: 


Denver won 24 to 17 over the Chargers. They now have a date with the New England Patriots on Sunday.