Parents Get Answers To Questions About Bad Teen Choices


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Parents Get Answers To Questions About Bad Teen Choices

By Kelly Bartnick. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

GRETNA, NE – Parents looking for resources to talk to their teens about risky behaviors got the information they were looking for Tuesday night in Gretna. Drug advocacy and treatment organizations, law enforcement, and school officials held an information night at Gretna High School. 

“This stuff is a click away, a credit card number away. The UPS guy drops it off and then kids are in the basement using it,” said Alex Brown with the LiveWise Coalition. “It’s anything from synthetic marijuana, electronic cigarettes, alcohol, even the burgeoning drug, Molly.” 

“Worrying never goes away. It never stops," said Amy Purintun who attended the event. 

Purintun walked among the different presenters all there to help parents like her navigate through the perils and pitfalls of teenage indiscretion. 

“It's scary because it looks like candy or whatever,” mother Niki Osborn said. 

Law enforcement officials also talked with parents about teen safety and their policing efforts. 

“There's always the next level. We do what we can to stop that, and there's another surge,” said Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis, who said parents need to take an active approach too. 

“For every 87 pounds you get off the street, there's probably another couple thousand getting through,” Davis said. 

The school sponsors the event each year.