Owner Of Labs Found By OPD Wants Them Back


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Owner Of Labs Found By OPD Wants Them Back

By Kelly Bartnick. CREATED Dec 11, 2013

OMAHA, NE – The owner of two black labs rescued over the weekend by Omaha Police officers says he wants the dogs back. Two officers spotted the cold dogs wandering among the vehicles on Highway 75. They coaxed the cold pups, Mayala and Trouble, into their squad car before turning them over to the humane society. 

The dogs’ owner, Jerome Burton, said the labs ran off when he let them outside. 

“They got excited when they got out there and they just took off running. I just wish I could get them back home,” he said. “I looked up and down the street all day long for them and when I did get in touch with the humane society, they said they caught them.” 

A humane society official said Wednesday, Burton willingly turned the dogs over. He wants them back. He said he can’t afford the $215 it would cost to get them back because he’s on disability and doesn’t have the money. 

The labs went up for adoption Wednesday at the humane society. The female lab, Mayala already has a home. Burton said he’d still take the male, Trouble. He is also caring for five of Trouble’s puppies, which he said has taken a bite out of his budget. 

“They are my babies. I bottle fed them; I took very good care of them. They get plenty of food here. They eat well,” Burton said.