One Man with Balloon Gives Life Lesson


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One Man with Balloon Gives Life Lesson

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Jan 16, 2014

Omaha, NE -- The stage is simple. There's no fancy lighting or tricks. The cast, just one man. Balloonacy revolves around a single character who's forgot how to have fun. "On this day he's planning to spend his birthday alone," said Kevin Ehrhart.

Ehrhart stars in the one man show. He's a real fan of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, men who acted in silent films in the early 1900's. "This is really powerful to have movement carry the message and that way these younger audiences are able to verbalize and really be a visceral part of the show that's going on," said Ehrhart.

The 45-minute play walks the youngsters through what's supposed to be a routine day for the character until a red balloon pops through the window. There's plenty of laughs but there's a serious message. "I think the biggest lesson is about relationships and how to treat other people even though it's a balloon, it becomes a friend," said Ehrhart.

Even though the character is silent throughout the play, the message should come shining through. "This school we had today has a multitude of languages, maybe 26 different languages spoken in one school, this breaks through all those barriers," said Ehrhart. "It levels the playing ground so they're witnessing." Balloonacy runs January 17th-February 7th.