Omahans Reaching Out To Typhoon Victims

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Omahans Reaching Out To Typhoon Victims

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

Omaha, NE- Food, water, and help is needed. Typhoon survivors are waiting for aid from around the world as more than 600,000 people are homeless.

One local organization is trying to provide that help and asking for neighbors to sign up.

It is estimated between 3,000 to 5,000 Filipinos live in the Omaha area. Most still have family in the Philippines and most are trying to find ways to help.

"The storm came in through here, it hit the southern island of Samar and came right up through Tocloban and Leyte and then right through this area." Daryl Rose explains as he shows the path of the storm.

What was left after typhoon Haiyan is described as complete devastation.

"To see the devastation and you see the people with no where to go, no food or water, they're sleeping out in the middle of the street." says Rose.

More than 11-million people have been affected by the devastating storm.

"Our house got demolished. My father died after being hit by falling wooden debris. we are calling for your help. If possible, please bring us food. We don't have anything to eat." One woman said as she begs for help from the Philippines.

Daryl Rose is the president of the Filipino-American Organization Of Metropolitan Omaha. His wife, Lileth, is from one of the hardest hit areas. Her brothers and sisters still live on the island.

"Everything they own is gone, the houses are gone, everything is gone, but they themselves are alive and that's what's most important." said Rose.

Rose is asking Omahans to help send supplies.

"The marines have been landing with food and water so we know stuff is arriving in country." said Rose.

But it's slow-going. Roads that were bad to begin with, are now gone. Supplies are finally making it to survivors.

Rose hopes by holding a bake sell this Thursday, they can raise money to send aid, as well as provide a taste of the Philippines.

"If people would like to come and sample some of the traditional food, please make a cash donation." said Rose.

There is a disaster relief fund that has been set up at The Great Western Bank if you'd like to help.

To find out how you can help, click here.