Omaha Police Chief On Solving Murders and What Drives Him


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Omaha Police Chief On Solving Murders and What Drives Him

By Craig Nigrelli. CREATED Nov 15, 2013

Omaha, NE - Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer says it's one of his proudest moments as the city's top law enforcer, setting up a task force in May that arrested a man in connection with the so-called Creighton Killings.

Just weeks later, Omaha was dealing with another search for a man believed responsible for four murders in August.  Schamderer said, " my full focus was to bring these offenders to justice because I knew they would kill again and that's an awesome responsibility."  In early September Chief Schmaderer announced the arrest of Nikko Jenkins telling those at a press conference, " the Omaha community can rest easier and feel safer now that Nikko Jenkins is off the streets. "

Todd Schmaderer is the sone of retired police officer Richard Schmaderer.  The Chief's brother is also an Omaha police officer.  In some senses the family resembles the one portrayed on the CBS hit show Blue Bloods.  The Chief added, " there are some parallels.  There are very important matters we deal with on this job and everyone has to have somebody they go to.  I go to my Dad and I can lay some of this out to him. "

Schmaderer is also a fitness buff.  From presses, to pullups to cardio work, he took us to the Gym and gave us a bit of a look into his world.  In addition, the Chief says people might be suprised that he is an avid watcher of the stock market and would one day like to open his own business, putting his financial knowledge to use. 

For now he wanted the people of Omaha to know he's very proud to serve the community and looks forward to doing it for many years to come.