Omaha Mounted Patrol Isn't Horsing Around

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Omaha Mounted Patrol Isn't Horsing Around

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Sep 30, 2013

Omaha, NE- The clicking of horseshoes might not be a sound you'd expected to hear near Leavenworth and 13th, but it's commonplace for the more than a half dozen members of the mounted patrol unit of the Omaha police department.

The Omaha Police Mounted Patrol Unit began in 1989 as a part-time trial unit, today, seven officers and horses make up the patrol. A lot of it is possible by donations. In addition to volunteering their time, people have donated saddles, tack, trailers, and even the horses to the unit.

Mostly used for crowd control, parades, and downtown patrols, the best type of police horses are laid back, Sgt. Tammy Mitchell says.

"They can't be moving around too much, be moving around or prancing. Sometime they do, and we try to train them to stay still," she said.

Horse Patrol Officers are also used during searches for missing persons, evidence, and suspects in open fields, wooded areas, and rough terrain.

More information on the mounted patrol can be found HERE.