Omaha Hospital Reunites Medical Staff with Tiny Patients


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Omaha Hospital Reunites Medical Staff with Tiny Patients

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Aug 24, 2014

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - It can be tough to weave quadruplets through a big crowd of people but a year and a half ago, these little guys were dodging major medical issues in neonatal intensive care. The doctors and nurses at Methodist Women's Hospital in Omaha were crucial.

"Stuff like having tiny babies it can be so stressful that it really forges a bond really quickly," said Sabrina Negus. Negus knows all about that bond between the medical staff. Her quadruplets were in the NICU. So were all of the 170 little people at Methodist on Sunday.

"You just walk on this razor's edge during your time in the NICU," said Negus. "It's really scary and these people are your rock." They're a good foundation to make sure a budding life sees another day and eventually gets to see home. "These guys helped us bring these guys home healthy and that means a lot," said Negus. "It really tethers you to people."