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Police Helping Residents Avoid Holiday Break-Ins

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Police Helping Residents Avoid Holiday Break-Ins

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Dec 20, 2013

OMAHA - This is the time of year people have a lot of extra boxes and it may tempt people to get a bit careless with how they get ride of those items. But police say that's a bigger risk than you may thing.

Thieves aren't just watching what you buy, but also what you throw away. So you may want to think twice before placing that empty big screen TV box out on the curb.

Cindy Garner had a pretty good Christmas judging by all the boxes in the back of her car. Boxes she doesn't want hanging around.

"This time of year, I've already heard of several home invasions on several networks and I'd rather not have me be one of those stories." said Garner.

So instead, she's brining her boxes to the parking lot of The Christian Academy.

"Just for my own security, I like to splurge every once in a while and this is a splurge item, so it would hurt me if anything were to happen to it." said Garner.

For the first time, the Omaha Police Department is hosting Operation Break-It-Down, a way to help you avoid burglaries.

"During the holidays burglars know that there is a bunch of new items out there, new electronics, new video games, new kitchen gadgets." said Capt. Shayne Ray.

Captain Ray of the Omaha Police Department says post holiday trash can be an advertisement for a criminal looking to see what electronics you received and where they can strike.

"Not only do your neighbors not need to know all the fancy things you've bought but the burglars don't need to know what you have inside that house." said Capt. Ray.

For Cindy, she's taking that proactive step, making sure she doesn't become a victim this holiday season.

"I'd rather not have my neighbors, or who ever might be trolling down the street to know what I have in the home." said Garner.

Starting December 26th people can drop off those big boxes at several locations across Omaha at:
  • The Christian Academy on Wiesman Drive off South 103rd.
  • South 26th and Douglas Street.
  • 75th and Corby Street.
  • River City Recycling on South 60th near Harrison.
  • Firstar Fiber near 102nd and I Street.
Hours will vary and broken down card board boxes will be accepted only.
You can find more information at the following link .