OPD Announces New Position; Mayor Says Violence is a Problem


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OPD Announces New Position; Mayor Says Violence is a Problem

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Aug 12, 2013

Omaha, NE - It's clear in Omaha, this summer, there is a problem.

"We have a problem, and it needs to be addressed."

"We can't deny it, if we're gonna address the problem, we have to recognize that there is a problem."
Gun violence has become more frequent in the city with 29 homicides so far this year.
"Unfortunately right now there has been so many incidences, and frankly the people in Omaha don't feel as safe and we understand that."
On Sunday morning an Omaha police officer making rounds through South Omaha walked right into, what appeared to be, a double homicide. There were two men dead inside of a pickup truck. The mysterious murders come at a time when OPD makes a big announcement.
"So this person is gonna have be bilingual, street knowledge of what gangs are already in operation and ones that are maybe forming."
While police haven't confirmed the latest murders are gang related, City Councilman Garry Gernandt says bringing in a new gang intervention specialist to South Omaha, is long overdue.
"There's a portion that has weakened I think in South Omaha, and we need that extra tool.
Mayor Stothert says the violence in Omaha isn't a quick fix, and it isn't just a police problem. She believes another gang specialist on the force will help cut down crime.
"These gang specialists, they know what they're doing, they understand the sociology of a gang and many of these instances they know who the gang members are, they've identified them and I think the extra gang specialist will be of great help."