Notorized Letter States Nikko Jenkins Wants to Plead Guilty

Notorized Letter States Nikko Jenkins Wants to Plead Guilty

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Nov 8, 2013

Omaha, NE-A document titled "Waiver and Plea of Guilty" was notorized and entered into the court file earlier this week in the case of Nebraska Vs. Nikko Jenkins. The document was released today. It's signed by a woman who identifies herself as Johnetta and claims, according to this document, to have power of attorney.

"We are aware it was filed. It really isn't relevant in district court. That isn't how we take pleas in district court," said Brenda Beadle with the Douglas County Attorney's office.

Prosecutors have charged Jenkins with 12 felonies in district court. Tom Reilly, Jenkins' public defender would not comment on Jenkins' wish to plead guilty. He did say the document filed is meant for misdemeanor convictions in county court.

Jenkins accused of murdering Jorge Ruiz and Juan Pena in south Omaha, Curtis Bradford in north Omaha, and Andrea Kruger in northwest Omaha over a ten day span this Summer.

The county attorney's office says they're not working on any plea right now, but are always open to one. Even if jenkins wants to plead, it's a lot more complicated than filling out a form and calling it a day.

"When we take a pleas in district court with an attorney, the judge reads a number of rights, goes over a number of rights with the defendant, making sure the defendant understands the charges and the nature of the charges and what it carries," Beadle said.