North Omaha says Enough Is Enough


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North Omaha says Enough Is Enough

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Aug 5, 2013

Omaha, NE - "Over time you kinda adapt to it. It's just something you live you know. It's that normal? You prepare for it. Did you hear the shots last night? Yeah."

Walking down Wirt Street, Iris Booker explains the "norm" in her neighborhood. She says the sound of gunshots is an everyday noise. She heard them on Sunday.

"All I just do is pray that you know when I hear somebody in the news has been shot that it's not someone I know.
Booker doesn't know Sunday's shooting victims, Kevin and Branden McIntyre. Police say the twin brothers attended a party at 27th and Spencer around 7 p.m., when both were shot. Kevin died from his injuries.
"You know people getting down on the floor, and things like that because you never know where those bullets are gonna fly. A bullet don't have no name on it."
The homicide numbers in Omaha keep climbing, now to 26 this year. Police have solved 13. 
"It wasn't nearly as much violence as we have going on now."
Booker's father, Mervin Vesser, also grew up in North Omaha. He isn't surprised most of the unsolved murders come from his neighborhood. He just wants a solution.
"I've seen out West, every other neighborhood has a park at the end of the block. I want to take my daughter to a swimming pool or a park, where is it?"
Vesser and Booker say what used to be a great part of the city, has turned into a cycle of violence, and enough is enough.
"I wish it wasn't like this."