New Software To Cut Copper Theft


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New Software To Cut Copper Theft

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

 Omaha, NE (KMTV) Copper thieves are costing businesses and homeowners tens of thousands of dollars each year.  One neighborhood has had enough.

A call to action is posted on the front door of the College of Healing Arts Center near 30th and Clay.  The sign says it all, "Emergency Meeting on Neighborhood Crime."  The arts center and dozens in Florence are tired of vandalism.
City councilman Pete Festersen reached out to the city prosecutors and police to research if there is a way to reduce copper theft.  He found a software called tracker.  
"It requires someone selling such metal like copper or some other type of precious metal to record who they are and be identified in real time whether that's to a recycler or pawn shop," said Festersen.  The software would require anyone selling precious metal to give a fingerprint, photo and signature. That information would be stored on file for the business and be shared with police when needed.
"I'm just getting fed up with the repeated incidents of vandalism to our businesses and our residences, even our non-profits and our churches, that's unacceptable."  Festersen says it's too early to know how much the software would cost.  The city would foot the bill.  
In September, Festersen will meet with the public safety committee to pitch his plan.
A public meeting will be held Tuesday, August 26 at 7 p.m. At the Healing Arts Center to discuss the tracker software.