New Details About Accused Murderer, Perez, Uncovered

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New Details About Accused Murderer, Perez, Uncovered

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Aug 12, 2013

Omaha, NE -- He's accused of raping and beating an elderly woman, who died days later.  KMTV Action 3 News learns more about the suspect, Sergio Perez.  He’s pleading not guilty in Douglas County Court.

Shortly after his arrest, police only said Perez was an illegal immigrant.  He didn't have an address, and the jail listed him as a floater.

KMTV has learned he has used a different name, Sergio Arciniega Ramirez.  Prosecutors amended their information to include his alias.

"We gave that name to the police department because we want to have as much background as we can on someone we have charged with a crime for all kinds of reasons," said Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine.

On Perez’s Facebook page he posted a picture on June 27th, three weeks before the murder.  It shows Perez, an illegal immigrant, working on a roof on a home near 168th & Giles Rd.  KMTV did contact the roofing contractor who confirmed that they did work on the home.  They say they did not, nor their sub-contractor hire Sergio Perez or his alias.

Just as the Douglas County Attorney’s Office and OPD will investigate Perez for his criminal action, federal prosecutors could also file charges for those who hired Perez.

"There's other issues that are created by that.  There are immigration issues, federal issues that are dealt with by Immigrations and Customs so the U.S. Attorney's Office will be handling those kinds of issues but certainly it's frustrating," Kleine explained.

The ICE Homeland Security Investigations Dept. said they do conduct investigations and worksite enforcement to protect the nation's labor force.  But they couldn't confirm or deny an investigation into this situation because they don't want to reveal any business’ name that hasn't done anything wrong.

Sergio Perez is charged in the beating death and rape of a 93-year-old woman at her South Omaha home in July.  Perez admitted to authorities he had been drinking the night before and was mad at women.  Louise Sollowin's daughter found Perez naked on top of her bloodied mother the morning after the attack.  Police now tell us they've learned Perez had been apparently drinking the night before at someone's house.  Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.