New $100 Bills Make it Easier to Spot Counterfeits

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New $100 Bills Make it Easier to Spot Counterfeits

By Emily Szink. CREATED Oct 8, 2013

It still has the same value, but a whole new look.  The new $100 bill came out on Tuesday. 

With the added color and flashy graphics it looks more like Monopoly money than a one hundred dollar bill, but the reason Ben got a facelift was for security purposes.

Despite the government shutdown the Federal Reserve is unaffected, so banks across the nation began receiving the new bill Tuesday.

It took more than a decade to develop, and it's the first bill redesign since 1996.  The bill still features Benjamin Franklin's face on the front and Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on the back, but new features make it much easier for sales associates and consumers to authenticate, but much harder to counterfeit. 

Just like with any bill scammers will still try to replicate this one, but there are some things you can look for to make sure it is real. John Gutsmied, United

“There's color shifting ink, there's a watermark and there's a security thread, but they've also added a second part of color shifting ink and a blue security ribbon that has holograms in it that move as you move the note,” said United State’s Secret Service employee John Gutsmied. 

The cost of detouring counterfeiters doesn't come cheap, it is estimated that the new bill costs about four more cents to produce than the old one.