Neighbors Huddle Together During the Storm


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Neighbors Huddle Together During the Storm

By Ashlee Pitzl. CREATED Jun 16, 2014

Pilger, Neb. (KMTV) -  When you have nothing left, finding anything will do.

Tommy Nekuda and his family are sifting through what's left at his son's Pilger home. His outisde of town is gone too. 
"Sick. You lost everything," said Nekuda. "I lost all my vehicles. I don't have a vehicle."
So much destruction, so much pain here. People critically hurt, one dead from at least two twisters that tore through Stanton County.
At least half the town is now gone, likely more. Homes of 350 Nebraskans all but wiped off the rural landscape.
"I've never been through this before," said Marilyn Andersen as she fought back tears. "It was an experience. and i don't want to go through it again."
Behind her tears there is happiness for riding out the storm in her basement corner. Three square feet of safety Andersen will always be grateful for.
"I did a lot of praying back there in that little corner...yeah."
Her home is intact. The neighbor who rode out the storm with her not so lucky...his is gone...all of Pilger is without water and power...remaing residents like anderson being evacuated too.