Naushkoniwaheega Hamilton's Goes To Court


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Naushkoniwaheega Hamilton's Goes To Court

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Oct 28, 2013

Omaha, NE - The 16-year old teen accused of brutally beating a 78-year old in an attempted robbery had his first day in court.  

Naushkoniwaheega Hamilton faced a judge at the courthouse on Monday.  His mother took the stand with him,  to ensure her son gets a fair trial. 
Hamilton is charged with attempted robbery.  If found guilty, he could spend between 1 to 20 years in prison.  
Douglas County Attorney, Don Kleine said because of the violent nature of the attack and Hamilton's criminal history, he is being charged as an adult.  "The defendant has been in juvenile court before, more than one time, several times.  So, we look at the history that he has with the system and certainly he's had opportunities in juvenile court system before."  
Hamilton is a ward of the state and has been in and out of detention centers, his criminal history includes misdemeanor shoplifting and graffiti.  Hamilton's family said they know he has a troubled past, but they can't believe he would commit such a crime.
Currently, he is at the Douglas County Youth Center, that's where he'll stay until his next court date, November 26, unless he can post bond.  
A judge set his bond at $200 thousand dollars, he must post at least $20 thousand to walk.  If he posts, Hamilton cannot have any contact with Janet Jordan, the woman he's accused of beating, and cannot leave farther than ten miles out of Douglas county.