Variety Of Factors Led To Children's Removal


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Variety Of Factors Led To Children's Removal

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jan 9, 2014

 Omaha, NE - The video has been seen across the country.  The Omaha police union even suffered backlash after posting it online.  But the real victim, the boy in a diaper.

The video, that started as a facebook post and quickly grabbed the attention of Omaha police, shows a child bullied for nearly two minutes as adults call him racial slurs.
Officials say there is more to the case than what is seen in the disturbing video.  The Douglas county attorney did investigate the case, once the video was brought to Don Kleine's attention.  Kleine determined that no criminal activity had taken place.  
The police child victim unit worked with child protective services to investigate the home.  Four children, including the toddler seen in the video, were removed from the home for what officials called safety concerns.
Gene Klein, the executive director of "Project Harmony" said children will not be removed from a home for a single incident.  "In all cases, especially when there has been a removal, that decision is not taken lightly; it's based on a variety of factors not just one single incident."  Klein would not give the other reasons as to why the children were removed.  He did say the actions seen in the video are nothing he hasn't seen before.  "We see all forms of abuse and neglect, over 500 cases a month are accepted in Douglas and Sarpy county alone."
Every month, nearly 80 kids are removed from their homes.  They cannot be returned until the family goes before a juvenile court judge and a corrective plan is put in place for the adults and children.  "The end goal is to keep kids in their homes if at all possible and to return them as quickly as possible," said Klein.
The guardians must go to juvenile court within 48 hours of the state removing the children.
As for the case involving a toddler in a diaper, it's too early to know the future of the boy and the other three kids who are in state custody as a result of a home investigation, "They're looking at whether or not the children are safe in the environment."