Man Pinned Under ATV for 9 Hours in Critical Condition


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Man Pinned Under ATV for 9 Hours in Critical Condition

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Sep 10, 2013

Sarpy County, NE - "He had enough injuries that his breathing was pretty labored, so he's a pretty lucky guy."

Somehow 30 year old Robert Welchert survived an entire night pinned underneath this four wheeler.

"He was there 8 1/2 hours probably 9 or more."

After work Monday night, Sarpy County authorities say Welchert and a few of his work buddies decided to have a few drinks around 220th and Fairview Road. Around 10 p.m. Welchert hopped on an ATV from Midwest Powersports and Machine, and took it for a ride.

"After driving around the area for a little while it got quiet, his coworkers couldn't hear the vehicle anymore so they went looking for him. Around midnight they couldn't find him and decided to go home."    
"I just heard the ambulances, fire truck ambulance come in about 8:30, I just saw them go down Fairview road and came up this way and uh didn't know what was going on."
Tim Kirkpatrick owns Lucky D Tack and Feed, a business near the accident. He saw the four wheeler in some weeds.
"I walked out got a pair of binoculars and was looking off to the west there and seen the sheriff's in the weeds there trying to figure out what they were looking for."
Officials say Welchert drove through a ditch, lost control and flipped the ATV into Mulhall's Nursery. Pinned underneath, no one found him until Tuesday morning.
"I wouldn't leave a buddy out there if I didn't hear him buzzing around anymore I'd have stayed and least tried to find him, I really would."