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UPDATE: Lincoln Toddler Rescued From Toy Vending Machine

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UPDATE: Lincoln Toddler Rescued From Toy Vending Machine

By Ashlee Pitzl. CREATED Apr 15, 2014

LINCOLN, NE – Conversation about a contortionist toddler hasn’t let up in Lincoln. Three year-old Kael Ireland let himself out of his apartment Monday while his mother was in the bathroom. He crossed the street, slipped into Madsen’s Bowling and Billiards, and managed to crawl inside a claw stuffed animal vending machine at the back of the bowling alley.

His mother told Action 3 News off camera she immediately called Lincoln Police. Bowling alley staff did the same, not knowing where the boy came from, or where his mother was.

“A police officer came in with a frantic lady,” said bartender Rochelle Hildreth, who called authorities. “That was grandma.” 

Customers caught the three year-old on camera calming playing among the stuffed animals inside the case. They contacted the vendor who quickly came with the keys, freeing the boy about 10 minutes after he was discovered, Hildreth said. 

One day later they are baffled at how he managed to squeeze through a small prize door at the bottom of the machine. 

“That little boy got in there,” said owner Marty Madsen. “And once he gets in that closes. He can almost stand in there. Look how much that holds,” he said pointing through the glass. 

The boy’s mother said the vendor gave him a stuffed animal following the rescue. He was back home Tuesday night. Madsen said he has no plans to get rid of the vending machine.