La Vista Pot Growing Operation Shut Down


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La Vista Pot Growing Operation Shut Down

By Kelly Bartnick. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

OMAHA, NE – Federal drug agents showed off their latest pot bust Thursday.

Drug Enforcement Administration agents seized 126 pounds of marijuana from a delivery truck at Offutt Air Force Base this week. The truck was delivering bottled water. Agent Michael Sanders said the pot was on its way from a California distributor and was not destined for Nebraska, though he would not comment on where agents believe it was headed. 

“It's got a high propensity for addiction. It's got no use whatsoever, no medically proven use. So any time we can get any amount of an illegal drug off the street, it's a great day for law enforcement,” Sanders said. 

The seized marijuana is worth $3,000 to $4,000 per pound, giving it a street value of nearly $500,000. 

“Every little bit that we take off the street is a success, whether it's two ounces or 126 pounds,” said Sanders. 

La Vista Police were busy with their own separate pot bust Thursday. Authorities shut down a grow house on the 7300 block of 71st Street South. 

Juan Crawford and Nicole Dyer were arrested on manufacturing marijuana charges and booked into the Sarpy County Jail. La Vista Police Captain Kevin Pokorny said police took 49 plants, equipment used to grow the drug, and packed pot ready for distribution. Police also took two dogs and three children from the home. 

“It's been quite a while since we've had one. This is a pretty good sized one for LaVista,” Pokorny said. 

Neighbors weren’t surprised by the bust. Roger Lawrence lives next door to Crawford and Dyer, saying the couple is pleasant and he often sees the children playing in the front yard. 

“I just see people coming in and out on a regular basis,” he said.