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Judge: LRC will oversee Jenkins' Treatment, But Won't House Him

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Judge: LRC will oversee Jenkins' Treatment, But Won't House Him

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Aug 12, 2014

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - The debate surrounding where to house convicted killer Nikko Jenkins continued Tuesday.

Judge Peter Bataillon ruled Jenkins will be treated Lincoln Regional Center, but stay at the Lincoln Correctional Center, or the Diagnostic and Evaluation Center.

Bataillon heard arguments from the Lincoln Regional Center explaining why it says it’s not equipped to keep him.

Jenkins was determined incompetent for the death penalty phase of his case.

A security administrator with the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services testified about the three places Jenkins could go to have his competency restored:

  • Lincoln Correctional Center
  • Diagnostic and Evaluation Center
  • Lincoln Regional Center

Steve Peck, the Security Manager at D&E testified that he looked at security for the LRC.  He said the Forensic Unit, where mentally ill patients who are dangerous are housed, doesn't have a secure perimeter.  There is a chain link fence with rusty barbed wire, and no surveillance cameras outside.  LRC staff are completely unarmed.

"The bottom line is based on what we're hearing is that we have a regional center with a bunch of people who are potentially dangerous and they can't guarantee their own safety, the other patient's safety, and the public's safety.  To me it's about time that got addressed," said Douglas County Public Defender Tom Riley.

Bataillon asked about the LCC, where Jenkins would be in a secure environment and have a doctor visit him, but acknowledged it was the same place he cut himself while in confinement a few months back.

Dr. Roger Donovick, the Medical Director at the LRC testified that his staff could restore Jenkins' competency in a prison setting but didn't bring forth a plan to do so.

Jenkins was found not competent for the death penalty phase of his case last month.

Judge Bataillon ordered Jenkins to be taken to Lincoln by Monday.