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Jenkins Evaluation: "The Loudest Sound is that of Innocent Blood"

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Jenkins Evaluation: "The Loudest Sound is that of Innocent Blood"

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Nov 26, 2013

Omaha, NE -- A gruesome report about an accused killer suggests Nikko Jenkins may have intended to kill far more than the four he's accused of.  The information comes from a Psychiatric Competency Evaluation, ordered by his attorney.

Dr. Bruce Gutnik deemed Jenkins incompetent to stand trial.  The 14-page report by Dr. Gutnik says Jenkins suffers from schizophrenia, and made his intentions known many times.  On Monday, Douglas County District Court Judge Peter Bataillon ordered Jenkins to go to the Lincoln Regional Center so the prosecution can have a doctor evaluate his competency.

Within a 10 day span in August, prosecutors allege Jenkins murdered Juan Pena and Jorge Ruiz at Spring Lake Park, Curtis Bradford in north Omaha, and Andrea Kruger in northwest Omaha.  Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

The report says Jenkins had his first mental health evaluation when he was 9.  While Jenkins was in prison in 2009, he said the two years in segregation had "ruined him for life" and made him very "mentally ill".

He spoke of attacking people when he got out of prison saying, "his crimes and killing would not be limited to just his own kind.".

"The loudest sound is that of innocent blood," Nikko added in the report.

State Senator Brad Ashford wants to reform the prison system during the next legislative session, so inmates who get out of prison get supervision.  He says 40% of Nebraska inmates leave prison with no sort of supervision.

"It's a terrible tragedy and it cannot, it must not happen again,” Sen. Ashford explained. "We don't know for sure if he was mentally ill or not mentally ill at the time, but what we do know is that he should not have gotten out and that he should've been in a place where he was safe and the public was safe."

Between the time Jenkins was released from prison and when he was arrested for the 4 murders, other alleged crimes may have occurred.  A woman told police Curtis Bradford said Jenkins had him kill people and take their drugs.  Nikko is charged in Bradford's murder.

Jenkins’ wife told investigators she was with Jenkins during an incident when three people were shot, and he was named as a possible shooter.  No one died in the shooting.

He told his mother, prior to his arrest, that he had killed a white lady, a black boy, and two Mexicans. He said "me and Opopus (sic) did it".

Jenkins is still at the Douglas County Jail, but will be moved to the Lincoln Regional Center for another evaluation.  If he's deemed incompetent he'll stay there until he is competent to stand trial.