Jack Hoffman's Cancer in Remission

Jack Hoffman's Cancer in Remission

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Oct 5, 2013

Nebraska - Earlier this week the Team Jack tweeted some great news about the littlest Husker. His cancer is in remission. Jack Hoffman and his family have been working to bring attention to pediatric brain cancer.

The tweet said: "Great day 2day- @BostonChildrens MRI revealed Jack's tumor stable (remission) & chemo port can come out. #AwesomeGod"

It included a photo of Jack outside Fenway Park giving two thumbs up. The same photo was posted on the Team Jack Facebook page. Along with the following message:

"This photo was taken a couple of hours ago before supper. Today was a great day for Jack. After a morning MRI and a day's worth of medical appointments, we learned that Jack's tumor is stable (in remission) and that his chemotherapy port can be removed. While residual tumor remains, it is inactive as he has been off treatment for three months and it has not grown. While it is likely that Jack will need more treatment in the future, doctors overall feel good about Jack's case and have told us that it is possible, that he is done with treatment altogether. About 1/3 of all cases don't relapse and you are done. We are praying that Jack is in that 1/3.

Regardless, we are so thankful to God for this day. Thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. It truly means the world. We continue to be buoyed by everyone's support."

Jack Hoffman's 69-yard touchdown game at the Husker's Spring Game has received millions of views on YouTube. His family started The Team Jack Foundation. That play earned Jack and ESPY.