Investigation Launched Into Residency Of MECA Board Member

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Investigation Launched Into Residency Of MECA Board Member

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Sep 13, 2013

Omaha, NE- Jamie Gutierrez Mora was appointed by the Omaha City Council to serve on the MECA Board. To do so, members must live in Douglas County, but there are a lot of questions on just where Gutierrez Mora actually lives.

An official investigation was launched Friday by Secretary of State John Gale.

It has become a fire storm of controversy.

"I want to meet with her, I want to hear what she has to say first before I say what I'm going to ask her to do." says Mayor Jean Stothert.

The Omaha City Council appointed Jamie Gutierrez Mora to sit on the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority Board this past May.

She told the council she lived at an address on 19th Street in South Omaha. But according to the Sarpy County Assessors website, she lives at a home in Bellevue.

"I strongly feel like people in the MECA board should be residents of Omaha." says Mayor Stothert. was the first to report the residency questions. Since then, Omaha City Attorney Paul Kratz has weighed in.

Kratz says, "It is clear that Ms. Gutierrez is, and remains, a long-time resident of Sarpy County and that she has no intention that the Omaha address be her permanent and principal home."

He also says, "Given the facts, it is my opinion that Jamie Gutierrez did not meet the required qualifications of being a "resident elector" of Douglas County."

This has led Secretary of State John Gale to launch the investigation into the voter registration status of Gutierrez.

"What he is looking for is one thing, is she a lawfully registered voter in Omaha." adds Mayor Stothert.

Gutierrez Mora had told the city council she changed her voter registration from Sarpy County to Douglas County in late December, but she did not vote in Douglas County in this year's city primary or general election.

Mayor Stothert with meet with Gutierrez Mora on Monday and will wait to hear what she has to say before making a decision on her future, which could including asking for Mora's resignation from the MECA board.