Interstate Construction Ahead of Schedule, City Projects on Time

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Interstate Construction Ahead of Schedule, City Projects on Time

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Jul 17, 2014

Omaha, NE-They say there are two seasons in Nebraska: Winter and construction. Guess which one we're right in the middle of. The city of Omaha currently is working on 23 road construction projects. NODR has more than sixty underway across the state.

"I think everybody is probably annoyed with it. In the long run it's probably a good thing, but there's pretty substantial impact the interstate i'm noticing. I feel it the most on the way home from work," driver Chris Gosier said.

"You just kind of deal with it and hope eventually they fix enough of it that we don't have to worry about it anymore," commuter Joe Militty said.

Come Sunday you can add another roadblock to the construction list. The Eastbound I-80 ramp from 680 via Center St. will close as crews begin to widen and add another lane. On top of that, the West Center on ramp to I-680 closed last week.

There are two detours drivers could take, back tracking to 114th, then to Pacific, onto I-680 to I-80. You could also stay on the I Street ramp and get off, then back on the interstate too. Either way, it's confusing and take longer for anyone needing to head east.

Marvin Lech with NDOR says despite all the projects, there is good news.

"They're going along really good. Everything is ahead of schedule, where they'll all be finished up this year," Lech said.

Lech says there is an incentive to finish construction on I-80 ahead of schedule, but no incentive for the I-680 projects.

Meanwhile, the city of Omaha has 23 active projects in operations. All are operating on time, Construction Manager Thomas Glow said.

While there are some minor delays on projects in the North and East Metro areas because of heavy rains earlier this summer, but nothing has set contractors back dramatically.

A big city project started this week on Dodge Street. Crews are replacing concrete panels from 67th to 84th streets. They're also resurfacing Dodge from 22nd to I-480, 55th-67th, and 84th-102nd.

Glow says the Dodge work is funded by six million dollars in state funding.

"If Omaha doesn't use it, they'd loose it," Glow said.

Both Dodge projects are on schedule.

Lech said the city, NDOR, and MAPA work together and schedule projects around a calendar together so not to gridlock the entire metro.

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