Impact One Basketball Team Plays for Julius Vaughn


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Impact One Basketball Team Plays for Julius Vaughn

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Oct 21, 2013

Omaha, NE - On the court and off the streets, these athletes play ball to make a change.

"It keeps us on the right path, gives us something to do. Not just running around in the streets."

It's at the Hope Center in North Omaha, every Monday night; teens from all over Omaha make up the Village Basketball Alliance.

"It tells them that someone cares about em, cause a lot of these young men are screaming for help and here, you see results."
George Devers coaches the Impact One team. He says these young men come here to be mentored and coached and to stay on the right path. Julius Vaughn was one of them.
"He took initiative to make the phone calls to ask for help. He realized that he did have you know, some issues out here, and he realized that, but he did take the initiative to make a change in his life."
Police found the 19 year old dead inside of a parked car Friday night, near 23rd and Vinton Streets.
"I was beyond shocked. You know it's kinda like; this is the hardest part of my job. To make a connection with a young man or woman and to hear news like this?"
That's why at Monday night's basketball game, Vaughn's Impact One family played for him.