Student tickets still available for Huskers first game

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Student tickets still available for Huskers first game

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Aug 22, 2014

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) - With one week to go until kickoff, staff at Memorial Stadium are getting everything ready for game day, including finding buyers for hundreds of student tickets.

“Big 10 football, much better than high school football, really excited,” said freshman Kaylie Paul.

Fans are also gearing up for the season

“Students coming to UNL, it's a tradition to get into the stadium and enjoy the games and have that as part of the college experience,” said Chris Anderson, with Nebraska Athletics.

But getting students in the seats is taking a little longer than expected.

“We have about 400 tickets left for students yet,” said Anderson.

The athletic department hopes to sell those remaining tickets to incoming freshmen over the weekend.

Though some students say they prefer to watch the game in a more low-key setting.

“In general, I like to watch the games in the dining hall if I can help it, kind of like the environment. I've got a lot of friends that I eat with and it's just kind of a good time,” said senior March Lemen.

Nebraska isn’t the only university slowly filling their student sections, schools across the country are in the same boat.

“Certainly there’s trends across the country of student tickets not going quite as quickly and ours are not sold out. We're not sold out as soon as we had in the past,” said Anderson.

But Nebraska is known for its consecutive sold-out crowd and officials are confident it will happen again this year.

While the Miami and Minnesota games are sold out, there are still some single tickets available for other home games.

Anderson says those are also going fast.