Husker football team sends Jack Hoffman message of support


Husker football team sends Jack Hoffman message of support

By Marjorie Sturgeon. CREATED Aug 20, 2014

LINCOLN, Neb. (KMTV) - Jack Hoffman will start treatment for his cancer that has returned.

Hoffman, who ran into the nation’s hearts when he scored a touchdown during the 2013 Husker spring game, got a message of support from the team Wednesday.

Football coach Bo Pelini and the team shared their encouragement together.

“Jack Hoffman, he and his family are landing in Boston tonight and Thursday he goes in, he’s going in on Thursday to, bottom line is, he starts his next phase of his treatment. They feel real good about it. The family, but obviously, if you’re that young man, you’re that family, there’s that nervousness that goes with it. So what I want to do is - lets send him a message, and just let him know we’re behind him,” said Pelini.

“Hey Jack, as a football team, as a group of your friends, want to show how much – we’re here to support you. Remain strong. You’re in our thoughts and prayers all the time no matter what. And obviously we wish the best for you, your family, and you’re going to come out of it on top. There’s no doubt you’re a strong young man and just want you to understand you have our support and we’re behind you and we’re thinking about you through this whole thing.”

“Hey Hoffman clan, just want to send you guys love and prayers, support from everybody here. I know it’s not just just me, personally. I can speak for everybody in this program. We love you guys very much. We’re praying for you and nothing but good vibes your guys’ way. Love you guys,” said Kenny Bell

“Just want to let you know Jack, you’re a warrior, man. The guys behind me, we’re going to be fighting for you. We’re behind you full 100 percent, and love you guys,” said Ameer Abdullah.

“Hey Jack, you’re part of our team and we’re teammates, so we’re all pulling for you,” said Jake Cotton.

“Hey Jack, you’re a warrior buddy. We’re sending our prayers. Good luck, man,” said Josh Mitchell.

“We love you, Hoffmans,” Pelini said.

“TEAM JACK!” the team yelled in unison.

The Twitter account for the Team Jack Foundation thanked the team for the video.



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