Husker Tickets Cheapest In Years

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Husker Tickets Cheapest In Years

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Nov 1, 2013

Omaha, NE- 2013 Has been the worst year for Husker ticket sales. That's the word from a popular ticket broker. But he says it's not just about the Huskers' 5-2 record.

"There's some great row seats here, like row 50 for $28 a piece." Brett Franksmann says as he's looking at his inventory.

Tickets to Nebraska home games usually sell like hotcakes, but this is not a typical year.

"Extremely shocking because we've seen this before. Typically when Nebraska loses the ticket prices go down tremendously." says Franksmann.

Red Zone Tickets owner Brett Franksmann still has dozens of tickets for Saturday's game. Something his company is not used to seeing.

"We have eaten more seats than all the other 11 years I've been in business combined." says Franksmann.

Tickets to the Northwestern game are some of the cheapest Red Zone Tickets have ever seen. In fact on their website, some of them start starting as low as $20 a ticket.

"The real shocker for me are these lower end zone seats for $35 each and the lower goal line seats for $40 a ticket." adds Franksmann.

So why are fans giving up that game day experience?

"I think the weak schedule, the added 5000 seats has really hurt us and really affected us." explains Franksmann.

Franksmann says something that will help fans find their way to Memorial Stadium is the weather. 50 degree temps in early November may help lure those who don't normally go.

Husker fans agree.

"If the stadiums packed, the stadiums packed and I think it will be. I think it would take a lot worst season than this for fans to stop going." says Laura Rackwalik, who will be going to Saturday's game.

"I'm still a Cornhusker fan and always will be." says lifelong Husker fan Jim Ochsner.

Kickoff for Saturday's game against Northwestern is set for 2:30.