Husker Fans React to Disappointing Game


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Husker Fans React to Disappointing Game

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Oct 26, 2013

 Omaha, NE -- The look of disgust isn't hard to find in Omaha. "It was kind of sad," said Daryl Growcock. "It just looked rusty from that bi-week. They weren't sharp. They were lethargic. I was disappointed." Chris Dwyer was also disappointed. "We had a couple drop passes," said Dwyer. "We had a couple good calls go our way. It just didn't come together and pull it out."  

Sad faces coupled with the disappointing loss to the Minnesota Gophers, led to a lot of questions from Husker fans. What went wrong? How do they keep, from letting it happen again? "You can point the fingers all you want and say the coaches aren't doing their job but when you're on that field, you have to put out," said Growcock. "You have to play like you want to win. They didn't play like they wanted to win." Dwyer agrees. "I'm not very optimistic about the season," said Dwyer. "The defense has got to come together or we're not going to get any more traction."

The Huskers face Northwestern next weekend in Memorial Stadium.