Hundreds Show Up to Benefit Murder Victim's Family


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Hundreds Show Up to Benefit Murder Victim's Family

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Sep 1, 2013


Omaha, NE -- It was Andrea Kruger's old stomping grounds. "Andrea worked here on Wednesday nights and Friday nights,and she was part of The Cove family," said event organizer Will Hoyt. That extended family showed up in droves Sunday, taking over The Cove for a benefit cookout. "I am so impressed by the number of people that are out here, the number of people that just keep flowing through the door. It just hasn't stopped," said Molly Kresha who showed up to show her support.


In the early morning of August 21st, Kruger left her other job at déjà vu. When she got off, she would never make it home. That night someone carjacked her, and killed her, leaving her body in the road at 168th and Fort.


"For those of us who couldn't be at the funeral and really didn't want to take up the space we really wanted to let the family in and be there - we still wanted to find a way to support Andrea and come out and show the family that she was loved by a lot more than the people who just knew her directly," said Kresha. That love shined through, showing love to her family and friends still here, raising money and raising a glass to a woman remembered fondly by so many.

Police are making progress in the murder investigation. Just this week they pulled in 26-year old Nikko Jenkins for questioning. He hasn't been charged at this point for her murder.