High school hopes to close gender gap in science field


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High school hopes to close gender gap in science field

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Aug 21, 2014

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) - The equations, formulas and numbers. They're thrown around in a room. Groups of girls huddle in Marian High School's new STEM lab where science, technology, engineering and math are put to use hands on.

"It would be really easy to stay and teach it the same way but that's not benefiting them," said Sharon Genoways. Genoways has taught science at the school for 22 years, but it's the way that she has taught it that has changed. That's why the school built a new STEM lab modeled after UNO's facility.

The world of science has changed so much Genoways is going back to school herself, working towards a doctorate in stem education. Go back a few years and students wouldn't be working on an iPad and there certainly wasn't anything like a robot in class. The school says this high-tech class is a way to close the historically wide gap between men and women working in the field of science.

"Some kids just get stuck into the doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher mode," said Genoways. "I think for me is to not only teach them about what's there now but what might be there in four years. It could be totally different careers."