Hickman Family Wants Answers; How did Dale Escape from Hospital?

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Hickman Family Wants Answers; How did Dale Escape from Hospital?

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jul 15, 2014

Omaha, NE - We've learned tonight Omaha police officers were dispatched to 4th and Walnut around 10 p.m. Saturday night for a disturbance call. They found Dale Hickman outside of the home with a bow and arrow, where Hickman challenged officers to shoot him.

Police placed Hickman in EPC (emergency protective custody) because Hickman was showing signs of mental illness and making suicidal threats. Officers dropped him off to Alegent Creighton Health medical personnel just before midnight.
At 4:40 a.m. on Sunday, Alegent Creighton Health called police, to say Hickman walked out of the Emergency Department. Officers searched the area around Alegent Creighton and the downtown area in attempts to locate him. Officers were unable to locate Hickman.
Around 6:30 a.m., police were dispatched to 4th and Walnut for another disturbance. During confrontation, Officer Lydon fired one shot, striking Dale Hickman in the chest.

As tears roll down Jennifer Hickman's cheeks, she doesn't believe she'll live in fear of her brother Dale anymore.

"I was never scared of him. I was scared of him for my mom and dad because they're old." 
Jennifer took a knife to the face Sunday morning to save her father.
"I think just one good time in the face. But he stabbed me in my back, stabbed me in my hand."
Her wounds are healing, while her dad Walter is also recovering in intensive care at Alegent Creighton. The Hickman's called police Saturday night when Dale threatened to kill them with a crossbow.
"They were supposed to take my brother, and keep him and we wouldn't have to worry about it."
Omaha police dropped Dale off at a hospital for a mental evaluation. At some point early Sunday morning, Dale went back home.
"No shoes, and just a pair of socks and paper pants."
Douglas County Deputy Attorney Brenda Beadle couldn't talk about Dale's incident. She did say if police find a person is posing a dangerous threat, officers can take someone away against their will. Then, it's up to the hospital.
"The police can take them to the hospital, and once they're there, then they're turned over to the hospital. The hospital then, the police are out of the picture, the hospital then keeps them there. Within 36 hours I think by statute they have to be evaluated."
Jennifer and her family want more answers.
"When they tell somebody that they shouldn't have to worry about it, that they'll do their part. Is this their part?."
Dale Hickman is also recovering at Alegent Creighton while being monitored by police. The family tells us Walter is out of a medically induced coma.
The officer who shot Dale, is on paid administrative leave.