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He's in the Famous Picture, and He Still Can't Believe It


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He's in the Famous Picture, and He Still Can't Believe It

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Jul 14, 2014

Omaha, NE - "People were texting us and calling us. Is it true? Is he there? I'm coming down, and you know the shop kept going pretty late last night."

On the corner of 50th and Underwood the excitement is still buzzing. 

"Like come together coconut, haha. All you need is smores. I mean that's pretty funny."
Inside the eCreamery, shop talk is all about the Beatles and everyone is coming in for the scoop.
A star studded appearance late Sunday evening rocked the few, quaint blocks in Omaha called Dundee.
"Sir Paul ordered Vanilla Bean ice cream, one scoop of Vanilla. And Mister Buffett got a root beer float", says eCreamery Co-Owner Abbey Jordan.
Sir Paul McCartney, accompanied by billionaire Warren Buffett strolled in after dinner at Avoli.   
"I was just shaking, like so much and I almost threw up I was just so excited."
Tom White didn't believe the McCartney-Buffett sightings at first.
"It's crazy. I didn't think anyone would come, anyone that famous would be anywhere in Omaha actually. None the less, Dundee."
The 16 year old ran to the, now famous, bench. A friend snapped his picture seen around the world.
"Yeah I went to bed last night on cloud 9, and I woke up and my whole phone was almost freezing cause it was just scrolling up and up for likes and favorites and retweets."
In less than 24 hours Omaha has become a spectacle, and McCartney put Dundee on the map.
It's good for business folks say, and great for Omaha.
"There are people out front taking pictures this morning, people coming to the door before we were open. Our Facebook page is going crazy. We've had retweets in Indonesia."
"Pretty much telling everyone how great a part of town it is and how great of a city it is that Paul would come get ice cream in Dundee. In Omaha, NE, in the middle of the country."