Gifford Farm Ready to Celebrate First Halloween Since Floods

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Gifford Farm Ready to Celebrate First Halloween Since Floods

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Oct 17, 2013

 Bellevue, NE-It's a farm focused on teaching kids about where their food comes from. Gifford farm in Bellevue has agriculture covered. From livestock to nature, kids can learn the basics. 

There's more than 50 animals on the education farm. They are really like family, Laura Pedersen says. And the family has been through its struggles. 
The massive flooding in 2011 devastated people and their property up and down the Missouri River. The bellevue farm was closed for months. They were forced out in early May 2011 by rising waters, and caretakers returned to find millions of dollars in damage.
"The water was above our 8 foot crop fence, and that was it. You couldn't see the windows, you couldn't see the doors," Pedersen says.
The farm caters thousands of local school kids, who come from all over the metro to get a taste of how to handle chores and tasks on a farm. 
Now, only one building remains under construction. The 40 year old farm staff is ready to celebrate with a public event on Saturday, November 19th. 
"We haven't had it because of the floods, so we're really excited to get it going again," she said.
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