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Gernandt & Jordan on Neighborhood Crimes: Where are the Parents?!


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Gernandt & Jordan on Neighborhood Crimes: Where are the Parents?!

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Nov 19, 2013

Omaha, NE - "No. We don't have any problems like this around here."

Joshua Kochen lives a few houses up from his city councilman neighbor Garry Gernandt. He witnessed Monday's chaos and couldn't believe his eyes.

"Now there's the destruction of property that has to be dealt with, the cleaning up and just the internal feeling of violating one's personal space."
Video off of a security camera, aired first on three, shows five teens walking onto Gernandt's property. Police say they smashed in a side door and ransacked the home. The teens ages 14 to 17 walked out in handcuffs.
"Makes you wonder where their parents were at when all this transpired. They were all teenagers. I know my kids are all in school so where's the adult supervision?"
While neighbors in the area of 17th and Ontario say crime isn't a problem, the statistics show different. According to, 9 crimes have been committed within the last week.  These crimes included burglaries, assaults and auto thefts, all within a mile of Gernandt's home and another victim.
"For one thing, nobody is watching their kids! Now, I Don't know where these kids are coming from."
78 year old Janet Jordan is still recovering from an attempted robbery and nearly deadly assault in October. She says it's the parents, and she isn't alone.
"I feel, what happened along the way with these kids' parents. Where are they in their life? This is 1:00 in the afternoon. Why aren't they in school?"