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Fmr. UNO Football Coach Pat Behrns Arrested for Prostitution

Fmr. UNO Football Coach Pat Behrns Arrested for Prostitution

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Jul 24, 2013

Council Bluffs, IA – A well known name in Omaha Collegiate sports was busted in a prostitution sting Tuesday that netted 10 arrests in Council Bluffs.  The operation was led by the Southwest Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force.  Five men and five women were taken into custody soliciting or selling sex.  Police say the undercover sting took place for more than 12 hours at an undisclosed Council Bluffs hotel.

"They were meeting actually online.  It seems to be the way that goes now, and there's several websites out there, and that's generally how it's done now," said Lt. Bob Brietzke with the Southwest Iowa Narcotics Enforcement Task Force.

Of the 10 people arrested one name stood out, former UNO Head Football Coach Pat Behrns.  Behrns led the UNO Maverick Football Team from 1994 until the program ended in 2011, winning 7 league titles and 8 Division-II playoff appearances.

KMTV Action 3 News spoke with Behrns at his rural home Wednesday afternoon.  He said he was unable to comment on the arrest.

Also arrested were Kevin Glassburn of Plattsmouth, Mike Phillips of Omaha, Maurice Ludwick of Elkhorn, Michael Mastny of Denton, Jessica Babb of Omaha, Keenan Jones of Omaha, LaSandra Clayton of Omaha, Tiffany Reed of Omaha, and Lynetta Noble of Omaha.  Authorities say it doesn't matter who you are, they take these prostitution stings seriously because they have previously arrested underage kids being trafficked in the area.

"I'm sure there are 10 people that went to jail last night that probably thought they weren't going to be caught either and they were,” Lt. Brietzke explained. "Some say it’s a victimless crime why do we bother? As I said we bother because of the underage kids that get involved and they need to be taken out of that situation.”

Authorities say the latest sting didn't turn up any arrests of underage prostitutes.  All the people taken into custody were from Nebraska.  The accused will likely have a court hearing scheduled for next week in Pottawattamie County Court.