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Firefighters Learn To Disarm Potential Attackers

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Firefighters Learn To Disarm Potential Attackers

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Aug 15, 2013

Omaha, NE- They protect our city every day and to better serve the community, the Omaha Fire Department got some tips from the police department Thursday.

The firefighters took part in combative weapon training. It was prompted by an incident earlier this summer when police say Justine Dubois shot a gun in the back of an ambulance.

Firefighter Brock Borhart and the suspect were both hit. Borhart and another firefighter held Dubois down until police showed up.

Thursday's training gives Omaha firefighters the tools they need for situations just like this.

Their mission is to put out fires and provide care for those in need. Now these Omaha firefighters are training to better protect themselves.

"As fire fighters we're not armed, we don't go to people's home with firearms, so the importance is if we don't know how to protect ourselves then we ourselves can become victims as well." says firefighter Brandon Wilson.

Firefighters and paramedics learned how to take down assailants and disarm potential attackers.

"Some basic striking and we also learned 7 different positions on how to take a gun away from somebody." says Jon Edwards, who is putting on the training with the Omaha Police Department.

The training come just weeks after police say a woman shot an Omaha firefighters in the back of an ambulance.

"We'd have never thought that anything would happen like that, you're taking care of an individual, you're helping them, you don't think they will harm you." says firefighter Marcus Johnson, who went through the training Thursday.

Brock Borhart not seriously injured and returned to work a few days later, the, but the incident rattled the department.

"This type of training is designed to keep us from becoming victims and to at least do the minimum to protect ourselves until OPD can get on scene." says Wilson.

The training involves using plastic guns, but to these men and women they could easily be the real thing.

"No one wants a gun to their head, and no one wants to be in any life threatening situations." says Johnson.

Keeping everyone safe, and alive, is the departments ultimate goal.

"If we could all be on the same page and help each other out it would make everyone's job easier, I think the citizens get a better product at the end of the day and that's our goal." adds Edwards.

Over the course of about three weeks, all firefighters and paramedics in the city of Omaha will have gone through the training.