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Fans React To Pelini's Rant


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Fans React To Pelini's Rant

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Sep 17, 2013

Omaha, NE- It was an R-rated rant that came after the 34-27 win over Ohio State back in 2011. Coach Bo Pelini criticizing fans over leaving during the third quarter when the Huskers were behind.

Less than 24-hours after that recording was released, it's the talk all over campus in Lincoln.

"A true husker fan, you're not just fair weather, you stick by them in the good times and the bad." says Husker fan Megan Conway.

It's a storm that everyone on campus is talking about.

"It's mostly talking about bo and how he's kind of bashing the whole fan section." says Husker fan Jacklyn Jablonski.

"I feel like it was a little extreme by him, but also I kind of agree with him, because there were fans that left in that Ohio State game when we came back from that huge deficit." adds Conway.

Someone who isn't speaking about the controversy, UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman.

When asked about the situation during Tuesday's annual State of the University speech, "no, i'm not going to talk about it right now, we issued a statement, the statement holds."

That statement was released Monday night, shortly after the recording surfaced.

"I am aware of the publication of Coach Pelini's comments, I am disappointed and in discussions with Shawn Eichorst about addressing the issue."

After the Chancellors speech, he spoke with the media.

"All I can say is that we're going to make, we're going to think about the issues and make the best call that we can in a reflecting way." adds Perlman.

As the university reflects, questions still remain. Specifically, are fans still behind their football coach?

"He's always got a frown on his face, which isn't exactly what you want to see in a coach, but at the same time you kind of like the guy because he's that tough coach you're looking for." says Kyler Dowling.

"I still back him as a coach, i see where he was coming from and I'm a Husker fan so I'll stand by him still." adds Conway.

For lifelong Husker fans, like Jacklyn Jablonski, she'll be in Memorial Stadium on Saturday, cheering on Big Red.

"I don't think anything is going to change, nothing has, nothing will." says Jablonski.