Family of a Man, Shot by Police, Disputes Findings


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Family of a Man, Shot by Police, Disputes Findings

By Craig Nigrelli. CREATED Mar 26, 2014

Omaha, NE - The sister and mother of Willie Michalak simply do not believe what Omaha police are saying happened in the driveway of a home on South 11-th Street last Wednesday. 

Amy Randall said, " just because police come out with their reports and their stories that doesn't mean that's what happened." On Tuesday night, police issued a lengthy explanation of what took place. The Metro Fugitive Task Force wanted to take Michalak in for seven different crimes, including felonies. It says Michalak was in a car.  Police surrounded it. A U-S Marshal told him to show his hands.  Michalak threatened to shoot him, began screeching the car's tires then reached toward his waistband. Officers, believing he was getting a gun, shot and killed him. 

Police entered the car and found a 9MM handgun with 15 rounds and nearly four dozen grams of meth in his pockets. Randall stated, "they said they found meth, they found a gun, they found marijuana. OK they found all that in a car. We're not debating that.  It's did they have reason. Five different people opened fire and shot to kill my brother that's what we're after and need to know. "

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer has called the deadly shooting justified. The 30-year-old Michalak's family has hired a lawyer.