Family Turns to Internet for Help With Child's Condition


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Family Turns to Internet for Help With Child's Condition

By Kelly Bartnick. CREATED Jan 7, 2014

OMAHA, NE – The parents of a 7-month old boy are turning the Internet for help fixing one of his medical conditions. 

Ricky Larimore spent two weeks in intensive care following his birth for a blood disease called Hemophilia. His mother, Rochelle Larimore, said she noticed more soon after bringing him home. 

“With the hair it's not as noticeable. But it's definitely there,” said said touching her son’s head. “His right cheek is a little chubbier and his ears are off-set.” 

Ricky has a positional plagiocephaly, known more commonly as flat-head syndrome. The family said therapy suggested by doctors hasn’t corrected the problem. They’re hoping a $2,500 helmet will. 

“The helmet puts pressure on the other parts of the head and then not on the one part. So the one grows out and gets adjusted so it's balanced,” Rochelle Larimore said. 

“If his head does not get fixed, the growth of his brain could be stunted in those areas. And he could potentially be slower at certain subjects,” said the boy’s father, Jacob Larimore, a veteran who served in Afghanistan. 

The family says insurance won’t pay the helmet costs because they believe the condition is cosmetic. They’ve turned to a health fundraising website hoping to come up with the money in 40 days.

Update: Minutes after our broadcast of this story, somebody made a huge donation of $2,250. At the time of the broadcast, the family had more than $300. This puts their family past their $2.500 goal.